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WEEKLY DEAL: Luxury massage

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  • 2 hours of luxury massage
  • Free treatment and oil
  • Oriental music playing 
  • Special techniques

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Each luxury massage is prepared and conducted especially for you by myself, or one of our Master Relaxation and Touch Therapists.

Before you arrive, we personally blend the highest quality massages oilsand dress the ultra plush massage table with 400 thread count sheets and soft pillows for your legs and head.

We set the massage table and room to the perfect temperature to allow you to relax your entire body and escape the winter chill.

candlesWe select the best music selection to play softly during the session.

We use tea lamps or Salt rock lamps to illuminate the room just enough to help you to forget about the world outside.

When you arrive, we meet you in the reception area and escort you to your private room.

Your therapist steps out so that you can remove your clothing and jewelry and hang them on clothing hooks and the accessory shelf.

You lie down, face down first (or face up) and use the soft towel or sheet to cover you.

When you're situated, your therapist comes back into the room and dims the lights. We make sure you are comfortable.

Then, your therapist slowly move their hands across your body to introduce you to their touch and to reassure you that the next two hours will be the most relaxing time you've had in months (maybe even years).

neck and shoulder massageFirst, the back of your scalp and delicate neck muscles are treated to my exquisite hands.

We take our time to make sure your body is thoroughly pampered and that the tightness you feel has no choice but to vacate your body.

Then your shoulders and your back submit to our masterful touch. A firm touch here followed by a soft caress.

Customized approaches lead to a customized massage.

Perhaps it is gentle kneading, followed by a targeted thumb tracing the boundaries of your shoulder blade and tender muscles alongside your spine.

It may be a few well placed forearms or elbows designed to tenderize your muscles.

Now, your lower back is added to the scene. We slowly massage those stubborn muscles, vanquishing the pain and discomfort you've been living with.

Your arms get the attention they crave too. Special stretches and applied pressure points along your muscles and skin relieve fatigue caused by overuse.

And you will melt as your therapist massages your wrists, fingers and palms.

We pay attention to your buttocks along the way. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body (and notoriously ignored by most massage therapists).

They are massaged thoroughly, elevating you into a state of bliss.

With a luxury massage, there is no rushing ... just a measured pace to ensure that your whole body is attended to.

The luxurious session continues as we focus our energies on your inner and outer thighs, then your calves.

Soon, your feet will sing as we massage each toe and the entire foot. Heaven on Earth!

And that's just the first part.

Your luxury massage continues as you slowly turn over. With a soft pillow placed beneath your head and the soft towel placed over you to keep you warm and modest, we commence to massage the top of you.

Your scalp is rubbed and caressed...

face massages rock!With special emphasis on trigger points designed to whisk away even the toughest pent up stress, your chin, jaw, temples and forehead receive my special touch.

You're melting even more.

Now, your chest relaxes as your therapist moves their experienced hands across it.

Then it's time for your stomach muscles to experience the magic.

The soft touch combined with the long strokes and caring, deliberate movements take your breath away.

The tops of your legs get the attention they deserve as well. Your thighs rejoice once more as they are stretched and squeezed.

As the session comes to a close, our fingers brush gently across your body, acknowledging your goose bumps as they rush to the surface.

It's a two-hour session that you will cherish and want to repeat at least once a month.

When the session has ended, your therapist leaves the room.

You have time now to stay right where you are and take a nap, or meditate.

Your therapist will wake you up after about 15 minutes. Once you've drifted back to earth, you'll get up slowly, redress and collect yourself.

Your therapist greets you back in the reception area with a cold bottle of water to start the important hydration necessary after such a magical massage.

You'll probably want reserve your next session. Then, you'll float out of the building and back to your car with a smile on your face and a spring in your walk.

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